Banksy’s identity revealed – What lies ahead for the graffiti legend

Rumors regarding Banksy’s true identity have been circulating for years, with names like Robin Gunningham being suggested as potential matches

Graffiti artworks created by Banksy.—Sothbeys

The enigmatic identity of the renowned graffiti artist Banksy has reportedly been revealed, with an uncovered BBC interview indicating that a man named Robbie Banks is the actual individual behind the iconic street art.

The revelation, disclosed on November 20, 2023, adds a new dimension to the long-standing enigma surrounding Banksy’s true persona.

The interview, which dates back to 2003 during Banksy’s Turf War exhibition in east London, captures the artist’s response when asked by the interviewer if they can use his name, to which he straightforwardly replies, “Yes.” When further questioned about his name being Robert Banks, Banksy clarifies, “It’s Robbie.” Despite the interview being from 2003, BBC made the decision to release the complete interview only two decades later.

Speculation about Banksy’s identity has been rampant for years, with names such as Robin Gunningham emerging as potential matches. Gunningham was involved in a legal case against Banksy and Pest Control Ltd for defamation. 

A photograph of a man in Jamaica claiming to be Robin Gunningham also emerged in 2008, but Banksy denied any association with the image.

The revelation shines a light on the enduring mystery, challenging previous speculations that suggested individuals like Robert del Naja, a graffiti artist and member of The Wild Bunch, or even Neil Buchanan, the Art Attack star. 

When these rumors surfaced in 2020, Buchanan vehemently denied any connection to Banksy, emphasizing that he is not associated with the artist. Another name thrown into the mix is French artist Mr Brainwash, whose work has been compared to Banksy’s, although he has neither confirmed nor denied any links to the mysterious artist.

With Banksy’s true name seemingly confirmed through the unearthed interview, the art world is left to reassess the various theories that have veiled the artist’s identity for years. The long-suppressed BBC interview, now available on BBC Sounds as “The Bansky Story,” provides audiences with insights into Banksy’s perspectives on the anti-authority essence of his work.

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