Egyptian zoo paints donkey black and white to pass it off as a zebra

A zoo in Egypt has been deceivingly drawing in guests by way of taking a commonplace animal as a donkey and passing it off as one in all its extra international and majestic species like a zebra.

The fun discovery was once made by way of Egyptian scholar, Mahmoud Sarhan whose publish went viral after he suspected one of the most ‘zebras’ at Cairo’s zoo to be equivalent to one in all its much less regal opposite numbers, later studying that the donkey were painted with black and white stripes.

The commonly-circulated Fb publish quickly had considerable folks from around the globe weighing in to provide the stark variations in bodily appearances of each the animals.

Talking to world media retailers, Sarhan knowledgeable that each the animals within the enclave were painted to resemble a zebra.

However, the control of the zoo have utterly denied the allegation of the donkey being painted as a zebra with director Muhammad Sultan claiming the animal was once actual.

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