‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ review: Park Eun-Bin anchors a charming, sensitive drama that constantly surprises you

The Okay-Drama’s greatest power up to now has been the way it has successfully balanced nuance in writing with its heartfelt and likeable characters

The Okay-Drama’s greatest power up to now has been the way it has successfully balanced nuance in writing with its heartfelt and likeable characters

Every episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo which has aired up to now is ideally suited summed up via the instant of enlightenment that the show’s titular protagonist studies: a ‘whale eureka’. A grin breaks out on her face as realisation dawns, there’s a robust wind that ruffles her hair, and we lower to the picture of a majestic whale within the sea. 

When we meet Woo Young-Woo (Park Eun-Bin), a rookie lawyer who has autism spectrum dysfunction, she’s all set to sign up for hot-shot law company Hanbada. A framed newspaper clipping at the partitions of her father’s Kimbap eating place tells us that she is the primary autistic lawyer in South Korea who has graduated summa cum laude from the Seoul National University. 

At the start, one can’t lend a hand however have a tendency to manner the collection with some stage of trepidation. When displays have protagonists who’re neurodivergent, there’s steadily a loss of nuance and empathy within the writing, and the characters turn out to be caricatures.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo, alternatively, is the very best instance of ways just right writing, empathy, and sensitivity can spread superbly on-screen. No marvel then that this Okay-Drama has taken audiences the world over via hurricane and has observed a meteoric upward thrust in its scores. It could also be reported to have crowned Netflix’s checklist of most-watched non-English displays for a couple of weeks. 

Woo Young-Woo is a genius, has a photographic reminiscence, loves Kimbap, and adores aquatic mammals… whales specifically. If you’re groaning in regards to the reality that that is but someone else at the spectrum depicted as a savant on-screen, EAW successfully addresses this and so a lot more about being at the spectrum thru Young-Woo, as she takes on place of work demanding situations, tackles prejudice, and paperwork cast friendships. 

A nonetheless from ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’

At Hanbada, Young-Woo has her first brush with place of work ableism as her prickly senior, Attorney Jung Myeong-seok (Kang Ki-young is lower than satisfied to have her on his workforce. He marches to the chairperson of the company, and says he wishes ‘an attorney who can meet with clients and go on trials’. 

It is her neurodivergence right here that sticks out to him, greater than her stellar document and honours as a law graduate. Her different colleagues at Hanbada include fellow lawyer Choi Soo-Yeon (Ha Yoon-Kyung) who was once her law college classmate, and Kwon Min-Woo (Joo Jong-Hyuk). There’s additionally type and candy Lee Jun-Ho(Kang Tae-Oh) from the felony workforce there, who is helping her navigate the somewhat difficult revolving doorways at paintings on her first day, and shortly turns into her lunch good friend.  

Any expectancies that the focal point of the show will stay only tailed on Young-Woo suffering or settling down at paintings is quashed early on. She is assigned her first case quickly sufficient, and it isn’t lengthy prior to Myeong-Seok is inspired; any considerations about him turning into the stereotypical tough boss Young-Woo must pass up in opposition to is fortunately executed away with. 

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

No. of episodes: 16 (10 up to now) 

Director: Yoo In-Shik

Cast: Park Eun-Bin, Kang Tae-Oh, Kang Ki-Young 

Writer: Moon Ji-Won

Storyline: Woo Young-Woo, a good lawyer who could also be at the autism spectrum, navigates demanding situations within the court

It is in depicting those place of work relationships and friendships that creator Moon Ji-Won is going off the crushed observe. Young-Woo, fortunately, could also be now not pitted in opposition to the opposite feminine member of her workforce, Attorney Choi. They, in reality, pass directly to turn out to be dependable pals and get almost definitely some of the ideally suited scenes within the show, that is bound to go away you a blubbering mess. 

Okay-Dramas have at all times excelled at feminine friendships, and be it Attorney Choi or Dong Geu-Rami (Young-Woo’s college pal who’s her greatest cheerleader), there’s such a lot love, give a boost to, and heat to enjoy. 

Each episode offers with a case that Young-Woo’s workforce at Hanbada takes up, and thru her eyes, the narrative is going above and past proscribing itself to a staid procedural drama. We apply her adventure as she discovers one thing new about folks, ethics, and the arena round her with each and every case.

The circumstances vary from an aged consumer coping with a homicide price in opposition to her husband, a North-Korean defector who has been accused of attack, to serving to the citizens of the old fashioned the town Sodeak Dong take the felony direction in opposition to the development of a freeway, whilst going up in opposition to rival law company Taesan. 

Law company Hanbada and the folk that EAW makes a speciality of, are a microcosm of the arena outdoor and the way it treats folks like Young-Woo who’re at the spectrum. There are a number of scenes that power us as audience to replicate on our internalised prejudices. When Young-Woo is strolling with Jun-Ho, the latter’s classmate who runs into them, asks if he’s volunteering with the disabled from a house within sight. The ableism could also be adopted via place of work sexism, particularly made glaring when Young-Woo meets a new consumer who doesn’t recognize her presence, since they’re in a room stuffed with male legal professionals. 

There’s sensitivity, humour, and kindness that Park Eun-Bin brings together with her portrayal of Attorney Woo. This is a career-best position for the actor, and springs shut at the heels of her efficiency in The King’s Affection for which she bagged a Baeksang award nomination. She is a deal with to observe, be it when she’s spiritedly arguing in courtroom, or as she quietly speaks about her autism, and the way in which folks understand her.

However, there was some legitimate complaint about Young-Woo now not having been performed via an actor with autism. But the writing and the way during which the nature has been conceived, merits to be lauded. At no level in EAW is Young-Woo made a mockery of, and there’s such a lot to like and be informed from her. 

Playing ‘greenest flag’ Jun-Ho as he’s being celebrated via the fanatics, Kang Tae-Oh is captivating and candy. There’s authentic admiration, and heat as he seems out for Young-Woo, regardless that by no means overstepping his obstacles professionally, and last a silent, cast best friend. It is admirable how this romance has now not overshadowed the entire different sides of the show, and it’s going to be attention-grabbing to look how the connection is taken ahead within the coming episodes. Seen in comedic roles in different in style Okay-Dramas, Kang Ki-young could also be a revelation because the quiet, severe and but supportive senior lawyer Jung Myeong-seok. 

With ten episodes down, the Okay-Drama is now transferring into its ultimate 3 weeks the place six episodes will likely be aired. There’s skilled demanding situations, drama surrounding Young-Woo’s start mom, and a romantic dating all at the anvil. EAW’s greatest power up to now has been the way it has successfully balanced sensitivity and nuance in writing with its heartfelt and likeable characters. Here’s to hoping the empathy and acceptance proceed!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is these days streaming on Netflix

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