Site icon Thug Maza| Watch Turkish Historic Seasons in Urdu website is an illegal website that hosts pirated Turkish seasons after translating them into Urdu. If you are a person who like to watch Turkish seaons like Kurlus Osman, ertugrul, Alp Arslan Buyuk Selcuklu, Barbaroslar, Teskilat and Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu then this is the best website for your entertainment. If you watch such type of series you will come to know about Islamic history, and how they ruled the world. You will get more seasons like this also like some Turkish Seasons in Urdu on the site. In this article, I’ll give you thorough information about So, let’s get started:


Our motive is not to promote such type of website, we are just trying to provide all the legal information that might help our audience. We are against piracy and strongly condemn such types of websites.

Features of

Historic Series website is actively providing its visitors with the latest and new episodes of all famous Islamic History Turkish seasons. There are some features of this website that we want to share with our readers that are:

Turkish seasons with Urdu Translation

The best feature of this website is that they provide all episodes of your favorite Turkish season with Urdu subtitles so you can understand. Turkish seasons they provide with subtitles are mentioned below.

Kurtulus Osman

Kurlus Osman

Kurtulus Osman is the most famous season all over the Islamic world. Especially, this season is rocking in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. Season Kurlus Osman is based on the stories of Osman the Son of Etugrul of Ottoman Empire.


Ertugrul is supposed to be the seed of the Ottoman empire that started his struggles to build an Islamic Empire.

Other seasons

Like Ertugurl and Kurtulus Osman here are some seasons that are available in Urdu on

  1. Alp Arslan Buyuk Selcuklu.
  2. Barbaroslar.
  3. Teskilat.
  4. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu.

Also see these movies Websites:

Turkey’s Ancient History Seasons in Urdu |

Watch Turkish Historical Seasons Showcase Urdu Heritage Season 1 & 2 of the most favorite dramas and historical series from our home country’s rich heritage.

Turkish history fans can find various historic drama/series on the online platform with many years of history behind them. These shows have been screened by renowned producers such as Syed Firdaus Ashraf, Syed Rastak Kaleem, and many more. The historic Turkish historical shows have international acclaim among viewers for their authentic yet creative approaches, which gives viewers an opportunity to enjoy this great show in their own language. If you are interested in watching or viewing one of these amazing historical dramas; then we will list it here on our main website: https://www.

Turkish Seasons on Historic Series are given Below:

1) Kurlus Osman (1874-1935)

2) Ertugrul (1913-1934)

3) Aghi Başlı (1910-1958)

4) Alp Arslan Buyuk Selçuk (1937-1939)

5) Seda Tekinci (1931-1958)

6) Tüveyler Yalbok (1954-1961)

7) Kaytaytli Ertugrul(1948-1949)

8) Ayarik Güneş Başlilis Pekir (1952-1955)

9) Kaynak Çelebi Ertugrul(1952-1953)

10) Barbat Cömerler (1962-1966)

HistoricSeries Turkish Seasons:

Let’s talk about Turkish Seasons and how much time we have spent discovering something new with every season. History is very rich and interesting and so I’m sure that you will love the idea of a Turkish Season. Turkish TV series have taken over the world and as you may know, it has become a staple in a lot of countries as well as in the United States and Canada. These Turkish drama series are not only great but they offer some decent drama, action, and great character development.

By the way, Turkey is full of mythology, stories, stories, and cultures; people who live in certain parts of Turkey can tell you about their daily life. Some of the cities that Turkey has given us include Istanbul, Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa Selahattin Soka, Istanbul, San Sebastian, Bodrum and Konya. I would also like to mention some famous historical events that Turkey has had in recent years and which may interest you when deciding to watch a Turkish television series. The first one is the rise of the Ottoman rule, the second is the war against Russia in World War II and many more are worth mentioning here.

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