Is Jessica Biel Going to End Her Relationship with Justin Timberlake Following the Britney Spears Controversy?

Allegedly, Jessica Biel finds it challenging to forgive Justin Timberlake for his actions towards Britney Spears.

Jessica Biel has been facing a tough time since Britney Spears revealed details about her husband, Justin Timberlake, in her memoir The Woman In Me.

This is not the first instance where the life of the star of The Candy has been embroiled in controversy, as Timberlake has previously faced allegations of infidelity.

For this reason, it’s difficult for her to trust him when people around her believe she is married to a ‘creep,’ an insider informed In Touch Weekly.

The disclosure that Timberlake coerced Spears to undergo an abortion and the specifics of his infidelity to Spears have led to significant tension between the couple.

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“It’s a never-ending nightmare,” the insider said. “It’s been very challenging for their marriage.”

Despite everything, “Jessica’s standing by Justin,” the insider revealed, but also mentioned that “it must bother her to know he treated Britney so poorly in the past.”

“She can’t help feeling tormented by his unfaithful past,” the source stated, adding, “Jessica always prided herself on her great marriage, but it’s taken a few hits in recent years. It pains her that people think she’s married to a creep.”

To add to the turmoil, Timberlake claims he was very young when Spears became pregnant and attempts to rationalize his actions, making it even more challenging for Biel to forgive him.

“How can Jessica forgive Justin if he won’t even apologize?” the informant queried, and added, “He’s been completely avoiding the entire situation — and it hasn’t been good for their relationship.”

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