Kate Middleton reaches out to Prince Harry in ongoing reconciliation efforts: Offers late-night support

Kate Middleton continues efforts for reconciliation with Prince Harry: ‘Makes late-night phone calls’

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, is dedicated to repairing the strained relationship between her brother-in-law, Prince Harry, and the royal family.

According to a source reported by The Closer and Daily Express, Kate Middleton has been in contact with Prince Harry, offering words of encouragement and assurance during these challenging times.

Having developed a close bond with Prince Harry since marrying Prince William, Middleton has even resorted to making late-night phone calls in her attempts to persuade Prince Harry to reconcile with King Charles and Prince William.

The source also revealed the importance of Middleton’s support to Prince Harry, stating, “Harry’s relationship with Kate has remained strong, and her unwavering support means the world to him, especially during these difficult times.”

Expressing her sympathy for his current situation, Middleton finds it heartbreaking to witness Prince Harry face setbacks, particularly as his court trial is taking place near their home.

These latest developments come just two days after Prince Harry’s ‘HRH’ title was removed from the royal family’s website during his visit to Japan.

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