Victim review: Pa.Ranjith’s brilliant movie makes Venkat Prabhu, Rajesh, Chimbudevan look like amateurs

The newest Tamil four-part anthology Victim is directed by means of Venkat Prabhu, PA Ranjith, Chimbudevan and Rajesh. Streaming on SonyLiv, just one a part of this anthology in point of fact works. And it really works so smartly that the whole thing else pales compared.


Director Pa.Ranjith’s movie has a bust of Buddha proper in the course of sprawling farmland. It turns out like a lazy afternoon, as a farmer Guna, performed by means of Guru Somasundaram, is irrigating his piece of land. He’s tolling away underneath the solar diligently as his lone daughter tries to amuse herself with the whole thing she will to find within the box. She climbs up at the burst, sits across the shoulders of Buddha, and tries to fly. And that sight angered her father. “Get down from the god,” he orders. The daughter Kema is not any pushover. “Daddy, Buddha has mentioned there’s no God and also you calling him one? she shouts again, rolling her eyes at her father.

Her father is not any mom and takes his non secular classes from her. he walks all the way down to her and tries to make her step down from the Buddha. And Ranjith pulls away a large shot permitting us to peer this gorgeous set in opposition to the plush inexperienced box. Kima is taking part in at the shoulders of Buddha like a butterfly and her father status subsequent to her. There’s a large number of innocence and serenity within the scene. And all the ones issues had been about to return aside with the arriving of a sour guy Shekar, performed by means of Kalaiyarasan. He turns out to nurture a deep-rooted grudge in opposition to Kema and Guna. A trivial factor quickly spirals out of keep an eye on. One factor ends up in some other factor, in an resulting fist combat between the 2 adults, Shekar will get his throat lower. It’s an twist of fate and Guna has not anything to with it. But, Shekar’s circle of relatives isn’t in a position to reason why with Guna. They are blinded by means of hate and rage and rush to the spot to not save Shekar’s existence however to take Guna’s. In the following acts of natural insanity, Ranjith captures the default nature of the human situation to lash out and pile on extra destruction, with none rationality, which is a pivotal level, when people change into irrational animals.


Confession poster.

Filmmaker M. Rajesh has known as his movie a mystery. But, what he finally ends up giving us is a horror show, with out a actual worth in it. A Bengaluru-based techie travels to Chennai as a part of her respectable accountability. Her corporate has supplied her with an unbiased area at the outskirts of Chennai. And the valuables she goes to stick in has a sour historical past. Just six months in the past, the housekeeper’s entire circle of relatives, barring him, died by means of suicide by means of atmosphere themselves on hearth. And what follows for the following 20 mins is a mediocre show that makes Rajesh, who’s the director of a couple of hits, look like an novice. The movie is clumsy and it’s very difficult to make any sense of what’s going down in it. When a director feels there’s a wish to put a long message on the finish of the climax to provide an explanation for what came about, it’s transparent signal of a failure.

Kottai Pakku Vathalum..Mottai Maadi Sitharum!

Kottai Pakku Vathalum..Mottai Maadi Sitharum! poster.

Director Chimbudevan’s is a delusion movie or so we expect. Set in opposition to the backdrop of Covid lockdown, a reporter reveals himself on the finish of his tether. If he can’t give a captivating tale to his mag, he would possibly smartly kiss good-bye to his activity. So in some lockdown delirium, he believes that grinding a couple of betel nuts will make a religious guru, who’s allegedly 400 years previous, come knocking on his door. Desperate occasions, proper? Even after we give one of these large leeway to the filmmakers, he fails to make anything else paintings. All we get is the large strokes of the way unhealthy people are when in comparison to all different dwelling creatures within the universe. Chimbudevan hasn’t even made an effort to again up his narrative with some philosophy. It’s only a bunch of lazy rehashes of the knowledge of a simpleton. Even the presence of Nasser and Thambi Ramaiah fails to make this higher.


Confession poster.

Filmmaker Venkat Prabhu’s movie appears to be impressed by means of a hostage drama. The movie would possibly remind the target audience of director Joel Schumacher’s 2002 mystery Phone Booth. But in contrast to that movie, Confession does little to attract us into the narrative. The sloppy dialogues, staging and performances, render this movie useless and don’t make us drop our jaws us the ground like Venkat will have imagined when he envisioned a slightly cheating climax.

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