Peru’s gas company workers find 800-year-old remains

Peru’s fuel corporate Lidda launched the image that presentations 800-year-old stays. AFP

LIMA: Peruvian employees laying fuel pipes discovered the stays of 8 other folks buried in a not unusual tomb with meals and musical tools some 800 years in the past, an archaeologist stated Wednesday.

The our bodies of adults and youngsters were wrapped in plant subject material, with corn, dishes, and a number of wind tools, together with flutes, positioned round them, Cecilia Camargo, an archaeologist employed via the Calidda fuel corporate whose employees made the invention, instructed AFP.

The 8 had lived within the historical the city of Chilca some 60 kilometers (37 miles) south of Lima.

Some were buried with shells on their heads, and had baggage by which coca leaves, historically chewed as a stimulant, are stored.

“It’s a very powerful in finding that provides us extra details about the pre-Hispanic historical past of Chilca,” stated the researcher.

Staff of the similar corporate discovered any other 30 historical our bodies in Chilca in 2018.

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