Prince Harry Labels King Charles as a “Small-Minded Monarch”

Prince Harry labels King Charles as a “petty monarch”

Prince Harry expresses his disappointment as King Charles proceeds with the removal of his HRH title, deeming it a petty move.

Richard Eden, the diary editor for The Daily Mail, shares his thoughts on Prince Harry’s removal and criticizes King Charles for being small-minded.

During his interview with “Palace Confidential,” Eden describes the situation as trivial and places the blame on King Charles for the decision.

Eden further suggests that King Charles should also be removed from the line of succession, stating, “Why not remove him? He is still one of those counsellors of state that can stand in for the king.”

He goes on to criticize the royal family’s focus on petty matters, stating, “It’s ridiculous to be doing petty things to the website.” Eden urges King Charles to prioritize more important issues and enact significant changes.

These claims arise following an official statement released on the matter, explaining the ongoing updates to the Royal Family website following Queen Elizabeth II’s passing.

According to Express, the statement clarifies, “Some content may be out of date until this process is complete.”

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