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The Warrior movie Review: Watch and Download Full Movie Online

The Warrior StoryLine

The Warrior story is something like this:

Aspect 1: The Warrior Movie starts with a bad man in Colonel and he is doing a lot of bad things۔ Then comes a good man, who does good۔ Now, a good man tries to stop the bad deeds done by the bad man and an accident happens۔

Aspect 2: A good man’s life is tried by a bad man, who tries to protect himself and others۔ Eventually, they fight in front of the Konda Reddy Fortress۔ End of shud.

Storyline: To break the solidarity of this good vs. evil fight، Lingusami presented the film with repeated dance numbers and every ’mas ‘ newly created dialysis of the film so far۔ There is little origin in this film to be discussed or even disagree۔ It’s almost shocking how a filmmaker who has kept it under his belt for more than 20 years، He kept making movies that didn’t offer any fun remotely۔ The Warrior is an example of the director’s creative bankruptcy and inability to make his storytelling skills in modern times۔

Linguism has repeated the same film that he has been doing throughout his career with various actors and costumes, including ’loso Pono‘ Architect۔ The whistle Mahalakshmi, played by the Creti Shetti, is called for service only during dance numbers۔ And the tradition of his character is almost negligible۔

As Sathiya, Ram Pothini only tries to look beautiful in the doctor’s white dress and the policeman’s uniform۔ There is no room for him to act۔ As a guru, half the Knesset has only one thing to look masculine and horrible۔ The film asks very little about their abilities۔

Download and Watch The Warrior Movie Online

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