Woman disgusted by boyfriend’s habit of eating earwax

Representational symbol of a girl feeling nauseous. — Reuters

A lady took to the parenting discussion board Mumsnet to name out her boyfriend’s disgusting behavior of eating earwax, snot, and crusty bits within the morning.

“Anyone else’s partners eat their snot, ear wax and sleepies? Apologies in advance for using the word ‘sleepies’ — that’s just what I know it as (crusty bits in corner of eyes when waking up),” she wrote.

She additionally added: “He thinks the fact I’m disgusted is unreasonable as most people do this and others don’t bat an eyelid. REALLY??”

People agreed with the woman that her boyfriend’s habits were disgusting.

“Beyond gross,” wrote one person.

“Oh my gosh, I used to be just about ill, this is so disgusting. I if truth be told would not have the ability to be with him, oh that is so, so, so gross.”

“Is your spouse an Orangutan?” joked another.

Following the replies, the woman added: “I’m so happy it isn’t simply me that reveals it so disgusting! I’ve been relatively repulsed, I will be able to’t even undergo the idea of kissing him! Why the hell does he suppose it is so commonplace? I’m if truth be told questioning if I will be able to get previous this… as any individual advised, what’s he eating that I have no idea about?!”

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